How does recruitment work at the IL Beta chapter?

In order to apply, applicants must attend one of two information nights, which are typically held during the first or second week of class. The following week, the prospective new members must attend one “speed recruitment” night (two nights will be available). Afterwards, applicants who have received strong recommendations from current PhiDE members during the speed recruitment process will be emailed an invitation for a PhiDE social event. Along with this email, applicants will receive an online application. This application must be completed by the date and time of the invite-only social event, late submissions will not be accepted. At the social event, current PhiDE will interact with the applicants and give recommendations to the PhiDE recruitment team; based on these recommendations, the recruitment team will issue invitations for interviews. After all remaining applicants have been interviewed, the PhiDE executive board members will select the members of the new class.

What are recruitment events that PhiDE hosts?

There are four recruitment events. Applicants must attend all four to be considered as potential new members for Phi Delta Epsilon.

1. Information Nights: Information nights are open to all prospective members. During this ~30 minute presentation given by PhiDE board and chairs, applicants will learn about the history and mission of Phi Delta Epsilon. Applicants will also learn about the application process in greater detail. Two information nights will be available. 

2. Speed Recruitment: Speed recruitment events are open to all prospective members who have attended an information night. Speed recruitment consists of two portions: activity rotation and traditional meet and greet. During the activity rotation, students will rotate between five different stations and interact with current PhiDE members as they complete short activities. These different activities are meant to demonstrate core values of Phi Delta Epsilon. During the traditional meet and greet applicants are free to mingle and converse with current PhiDE members. This is a great opportunity for applicants to get answers to any questions they may have about being a PhiDE member. Two speed recruitment sessions will be available.  One session must be attended and there will not be the opportunity for a make-up under any circumstances.

3. PhiDE Social Event: The social event is held on an invitation-only basis. Only applicants who have received an email with an invite and an application will be allowed to attend. In order to be admitted to this event, applicants must turn in their completed application when they arrive. The social event is an opportunity for potential new members to interact with current PhiDE members in a more casual setting. There will be food and fun! Only one social event will be available and there will not be the opportunity for a make-up under any circumstances.

4. Interviews: Applicants will receive and email shortly after the social event notifying them as to whether or not they have been invited for an interview. Interviews are conducted in a professional business manner and will last ten minutes for each applicant. The interview is the final step in the application process and is designed for PhiDE board, chair, and general members to learn about your experience as a pre-medical student and your aspirations for a future in medicine. Interviews will be held primarily on one day (typically a Sunday morning), but conflict interviews will be available for applicants with extenuating circumstances.

How do the application and interview process work?

The application process consists of four recruitment events (described in the question above). Potential new members will first attend speed recruitment. After both speed recruitment sessions are completed (applicants need only attend one), a select number of applicants will be issued an application and an invite to the PhiDE social event. The application consists of standard statistical information (name, major, GPA etc.), as well as four questions that should each be answered in 100 words or less. After the PhiDE social event, a select amount of applicants will be invited to interview. Interviews will be conducted in a professional manner and last for ten minutes. After the interview process, the PhiDE executive board will elect the new members based on information reported by the members who interviewed each applicant. Feedback from each event as well as the paper application will be closely reviewed and used to inform the executive board when making its final decision.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement applicants must meet?

Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.2 to be considered. This requirement is not meant to discourage applicants. We believe in helping all pre-medical students at Illinois attain their goal of medical school admission. Because of this, we strongly encourage students with GPAs that do not meet this requirement to take the time they would have spent as an active PhiDE member, use it to raise their GPA, and apply again next semester. 

If accepted, is it possible to join another social fraternity or sorority?

Of course! We have had (and will continue to have) members who are involved in a social fraternity or sorority.

What is expected of new members during the semester?

Our fraternity depends on members who are dedicated to the organization. New members are expected to attend all new member events, where educational and team-building activities will take place. Additionally, new members are encouraged to get to know current members so that our organization can function as a cohesive unit.

If I apply and do not get accepted, can I re-apply next semester?

Definitely! Unfortunately, we are not able to take each interested individual in a given semester. However, we encourage potential members to re-apply, because we look for new members who will be fully committed to the IL Beta chapter.